The Australian New Crops

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The ten points

If you feel you would like to start producing a crop which is a little unusual, the answers to the following questions may make the planning easier.

DOOR Marketing

Which new crops have a chance of being commercially worthwhile? There are many relevant issues to be considered, but information is often scant.

The Thirteen Steps

Since it is impossible to predict the outcome of a new crop development initiative, the 13 Step process encourages a group to enter the marketplace with...

Welcome to the Australian New Crops Website

The Australian New Crops Website provides information about individual plant species and advice about the process of new crop commercialisation.

It provides a database of interesting plants of the world, guidance on planning a new crop venture, information about marketing, and a step-by-step guide for commercialising new crops.

This database includes a list of research publications for each plant, and a dynamically generated graph showing number of references per year.

The database currently contains about 82,000 species, with over 2.1 million research publications listed. This is growing all the time.

What is new crop development?

New crop development is the adoption of a plant in a particular geographic place (for the purposes of production) so that it can be manipulated as a crop for the generation of some profitable commercial product (for the satisfaction of consumers) that has not previously been successfully produced from that plant in that region.